Welcome to the Kurmond Colour Studio:

The Kurmond Colour Studio is the place for expert advice when making your personalised selections. To assist in making your choices, our friendly and experienced colour consultants, will guide you through the process, including selections of roofing, bricks, garage doors, driveways, windows, doors, bathroomware, appliances, stairs, stone tops, lighting, to just name a few.

couple laying on carpet looking at colour swatches

Preparing for your appointment

Visit several of our KURMOND display homes and get inspired, which may help you get ideas on colours, finishes and fixtures. Additionally, you will be provided with KURMOND’s Product Guide, a 70+ page book featuring all your interior and exterior selections (this will be provided to you prior to your appointment). During this time, you will need to visit either Austral or PGH, to make your brick selections from a very extensive range (both suppliers will be able to provide a sample brick for you to bring to your appointment). It would be of great benefit to bring along your chosen brick sample to your KURMOND Colour Studio appointment, which will assist in making the remainder of your external selections.

Man and woman reviewing floorplans with consultant


Make your KURMOND home a reality at our Colour Studio. Located at our head office, 10 Sovereign Place, South Windsor, where client parking is also available. Your first visit will be all about your external selections, such as roofing, windows and other external features, as well as kitchens and bathrooms (allow up to 2 hours). Following this, external suppliers will be in touch to make further bookings (which needs to be completed before your second internal appointment). On your second visit, we will start off with your electrical appointment. Following that your internal colour appointment will take place, where final colour selections and finishing touches are made (allow up to 5 hours in total).


  • I have purchased an upgrade package. How do I know what range my selections will come from?

    On the day of your first visit to our office, you will be presented with a Product Guide and Package Inclusions list. These will outline the items you have included and what range they come from. Items that are not listed in your package, will automatically come from the Bronze range.
  • We really love the colour scheme and selections in one of your display homes. Can we use the same selections in our build?

    Yes, during your appointments with your colour consultant, upon request, they will be able to source the information for the house you like and help choose/ customise your selections.
  • Can we visit the Colour Studio without an appointment?

    All your appointments will need to be scheduled with your Colour Consultant, who will be able to guide you through the Colour Studio and help make the decisions for your dream home, easier.
  • Will we be able to make our decisions before meeting with our colour consultant and can we visit the suppliers?

    Yes, we encourage you to have a detailed look through our Product Guide, which will list the colours and profiles of the products we have to offer. We also list the name of the suppliers we use, so that you can visit them, before your appointments, if you wish.
  • Will I receive pricing for my upgrades on the day of my appointment?

    During your appointment, your colour consultant will compile a wish list of all the items you may consider upgrading. These will not be priced during your appointment as there may be varying factors that will influence the new prices. Your colour consultant will request this pricing promptly and keep you updated, every step of the way.
  • Is it compulsory to visit the brick yards before my external appointment?

    Yes, visiting the brick yards, before your external colour appointment is compulsory as this selection is one of the biggest you will make. Both suppliers will provide you with a sample brick, which we encourage you to bring to your appointment. Visiting the brick yards will also ensure that you have a clear visual understanding of the true colour of your selected brick, as the comparison between 1 sample brick and a full wall of the brick can be vastly different.

Colour Studio Testimonials

  • “Our Colour Consultant was very good in suggesting ideas for our house. There was a good range of things to visually see and make decisions”

    Natarajan & Lakshmi, Schofields.

  • “Our colour consultant worked with us to bring our vision to life”

    Adam and Larissa, East Ryde.

  • We fist walked into your perfectly amazing Sierra display home in Gledswood Hills and was love at first sight! - Kurmond Homes, Builders with a difference! Sydney NSW Australia

    “We are so happy and grateful for the wonderful treatment that we had from the staff at Kurmond Homes. We have become not only clients but friends and very appreciative of how things have gone.”

    Dorothy & George
    Sierra 28.3 at Gledswood Hills, The Hermitage

  • As first home owners we chose to build with Kurmond Homes as they had some fantastic floorplan designs that suited our needs. - Kurmond Homes, Builders with a difference! Sydney NSW Australia

    “We would recommend Kurmond Homes to any of our family & friends... In fact, we already have! Huge thanks for the entire Kurmond team.”

    Chris & Evita
    Riviera 33 at The Ponds

  • The initial design of our Acreage Home with Michael & Peter was invaluable. They took our ideas & sketches & created our home. - Kurmond Homes, Builders with a difference! Sydney NSW Australia

    “Dear Kurmond Homes, I would like to formally thank & congratulate you & your team for delivering a truly outstanding result on time.”

    Stephen & Anita
    Mirage 68.5 at the Central Coast

  • In the last two weeks most of our friends & neighbours have visited our new home & all I have heard is wonderful comments - so big kudos to Kurmond Homes for a fabulous job. - Kurmond Homes, Builders with a difference! Sydney NSW Australia

    “Peter & Michael have a wonderful team working for them & I wish you all the best & will highly recommend Kurmond Homes to all our friends & families.”

    Ashish & Shivani
    Glenleigh 46.6 at The Ponds

  • We LOVE our Kurmond home & still get endless comments about how lovely it is. From how green and perfect the lawn is, to the WOW factor of our ensuite. - Kurmond Homes, Builders with a difference! Sydney NSW Australia

    “It was a total pleasure to work with Kurmond homes who treated me like an owner builder so my vision could be accomplished in our Custom Build.”

    Donna & Jean-Claude
    Custom design at Parramatta